Slingshot T-Rex Screamer expert reviews

What Wolfram Reiners thinks about the Slingshot T-Rex Screamer 2015:

The T-Tex Screamer is definitely the best wave board I ever had under my feet. The T-Rex range is the one with the truncated nose. These boards have only been introduced into the market very recently, mostly by Slingshot.

It looks a bit unusual in the optics at first, but the missing (and not really functional) nose makes the wave board simply easier to turn and much more agile. I mean, the nose of a wave board anyway never touches the water, has therefore no functionality, but it simply makes a board less agile, because you have to move all its weight during your fast turns. Also it makes it more difficult to transport on your travel.

Since the T-Rex range of products where launched into the market, I hardly ever ride any “traditional wave board”, because the weight of the nose is just annoying. Also I appreciate the lower weight and length of these boards on my various overseas kiteboarding trips. The riding characteristics of the T-Rex Screamer are simply stunning, and I must say that I am by now addicted to this wave board.

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Slingshot T-Rex Screamer
Slingshot Kitesurfing T-Rex Screamer expert review