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Wolfram Reiners, professional kiteboarding athlete

Wolfram Reiners is a professional kiteboarding athlete. In his special disciplines “speed” and “long-distance racing” he held the Outright Speed Sailing Record for Germany (the record of all classes and sails with 46,26 knots average speed over the 500m distance) and he was competing in international competitions, such as Mondial du Vent 2012, where he became 7th fastest kitesurfer in the world.

He is the director of KITEKAHUNAS – Advanced Kitesurfing School in Table View / Cape Town with many years of experience overlooking lessons for beginners, advanced riders, and for many wave kitesurfing camps (KITEKAHUNAS Wave Camps). His main pleasure in this sport is wave kitesurfing. He also holds a Doctorate in Philosophy.

Wolframs reviews:

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