Slingshot Vision expert reviews

What Chad Williams thinks about the Slingshot Vision:

The Slingshot Vision is the embodiment of versatility. The vision is a freeride-freestyle crossover board with an feel on the water that can only be described as “buttery” – its amazingly smooth on even the choppiest water. The Vision is an absolutely unique board that will fulfil all the needs of the casual weekend rider, yet the board has freestyle characteristics that make the board the choice of a few of slingshot’s top riders.

The laser cut bonzer channels at the tips on the underside of the board combined with a flat centre section of the base create a fast, smooth board that rockets upwind. The continuous rocker allows the Vision to cut through choppy water with unparalleled ease while also making even the fastest, hardest landings a breeze. Chined rails that focus the spray down away from the rider, coupled with the smooth, “buttery” feeling of the rocker create the ultimate “weekend warrior” freeride board. I simply could not fault the board and any conditions.

The secret weapon of the Vision twin-tip is the flex pattern and light weight construction. Both of these attributes combined with the channels and continuous rocker give the board incredible pop, making the board perform exceptionally well for unhooked freestyle/wakestyle. The way the board pops is unlike anything you have experienced before – it’s a smooth yet explosive forward pop that gives you a comforting sense of control. The Vision twin-tip will help give you the confidence to nail down your next trick, whether you’re learning the basics of freestyle or pushing the limits of wakestyle.

I would recommend the Vision twin-tip board for absolutely anyone looking for a new board – especially those looking to progress -because it’s such a smooth freeride board that is capable of any level of freestyle/wakestyle.

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What to choose: Slingshot Asylum VS Slingshot Vision

The Slingshot Asylum and Vision twin tips both cater for freestyle and freeride purposes, so how do you go about deciding which board to ride, or which board would suit your needs? The answer is simple actually. The Vision is a smoother, more surfy feeling board that I would describe as “buttery”. It is a more forgiving board that will soak up even the choppiest conditions and make you kiting sessions easier. The Asylum on the other hand feels more direct and grippy. It almost feels alive below your feet. The Asylum is designed for you to be throwing trick after trick from the moment you hit the water. It’s faster than the vision and has more aggressive pop.

So, do you prefer a softer feeling board for an easy kite session with surprising freestyle abilities that allow you to progress your freestyle riding – like the Vision - or do you prefer a faster more direct board with aggressive grip and pop for a more intense action packed session with more opportunities to throw a trick – such as the Asylum.

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Slingshot Vision
Slingshot Vision